Ghatto G1

A sensationally urban motorbike

Sensational benefits are those behind a Ghatto G1. A torque up to 600 Nm to wheel, thanks to its powerful brushless motor of permanent magnets and its incredible batteries. Lithium batteries with up to 14 kWh of energy and 600 amps peak or what is the same, an acceleration up to 3 seconds and up to 300 km of autonomy. All in an urban motorbike. Save your two full- face helmets and put on your motornike suit for the weekend. We're going curves.

Recharge in less than 2 hours

Choose the type 2 jack, and you can charge up to 32 amps by recharging your Ghatto G1 in less than two hours. There is a network of charging points .In the same space, you can save your phone and also charge it with the USB jack. Are you interested in a recharge point and an ecological electricity tariff? Ask us then we have partners for it.
What if I do not have a supercharger nearby? Your Ghatto G1 has a conventional charger. As if you were charging your mobile phone.


Ghatto G1 is the first motorcycle to have blockchain. This means that anyone who wants, can request your unit with this technology. If you still do not know what it is, we'll explain it to you. 

What is it?

Blockchain, in a simple explanation, are distributed databases, so no one is the sole holder of it. Each variation of the same, must be approved by most of the nodes that work in it, so the blockchain is and will remain unchanged, that is, no one can corrupt the data, which gives them the security and confidence. Currently it is known for being the technology behind BitCoin and the rest of cryptocurrencies. In Ghatto, we have given it an industrial and market use, in a 100% transparent way for the user and that, together with the community and the industry, we will evolve and complement it.

How does it work on the motorcycle?

It will be your virtual notary. It will give faith of all those measurable variables of the motorcycle. It will count the repairs, the kilometers, among others. It will give you absolute confidence about official mechanic workshops, repairs and replaced parts. It will help you to improve the insurance solutions, adjusting the premiums of these to the profile that you really have. It will grant greater credibility in secondary markets, since it will act as our virtual notary. 

Use your mobile keychain

Use the Mobile Keychain to turn on your Ghatto G1. Your smartphone is the key to your social life and now also your mobility. Make him and with him an experience on another level. All your Ghatto G1 is on your phone, with connectivity never seen before.