ghatto is born

ghatto. It is not a motorbike brand, nor is it a motorcycle. Ghatto is everything you've always been, and everything you'll ever want to be, because ghatto is your best you.

ghatto is passion, it is effort. ghatto is elegance, freedom, sportsmanship and sustainability. Ghatto is a better tomorrow that starts today.  

ghatto is ghatto. The rest is more

Design today, your best tomorrow

In the Valencian town of Sollana, in the Ribera Baixa region, ghatto is made. Ghatto brings sustainability, the result of the natural setting where it is born. Its electric heart tunes to a new kind of mobility, and it does so from passion, since design is pure passion, and passion is the soul of ghatto.

Last ghatto news

Vehicle Manufacturer Registration (for Spanish and European Certificate)

Ghatto receives the official certificate in the Registry of Vehicle Manufacturers of the Ministry of Industry with file number 31232 with the Individual Approval Homologation and the CE directives and Regulations (mandatory for marketing and sale throughout the European Union and first step towards internationalization).

Ghatto incorporates Daniel Javaloyas into its shareholding

Ghatto incorporates Daniel Javaloyas, a former director of the multinational Schneider Electric, in order to take a firm step in its expansion and positioning plan. Daniel will assume the financial and marketing roles. 

We have presented to the world G1, the most cosmopolitan ghatto