Ghatto is born

Ghatto It is not a brand of motorcycles, nor a motorcycle. Ghatto is everything you have always been, and everything you always want to be, because Ghatto is your best you.

Ghatto is passion, it is effort. Ghatto is elegance, freedom, sportsmanship and sustainability. Ghatto is a better tomorrow that starts today.  

 Ghatto is today.

Design today, your best tomorrow

In the Valencian town of Sollana, in the region of Ribera Alta, Ghatto is manufactured. Ghatto contributes sustainability, fruit of the natural place where it is born. His electric heart tunes in with a new type of mobility, and he does so starting from passion, since design is pure passion, and passion is the soul of Ghatto.

We have introduced to the world G1, the most cosmopolitan Ghatto